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Plastic Dessert Spoons

Our 5 oz small Plastic dessert cups with spoons are top grade for people who grove on to eat their Plastic desserts, these cups are basic to clean and are first-rate for lovers who like to prepare their own desserts. These cups are also first-rate for people who like to have a variety of cup options to choose from.

Plastic Dessert Spoon

These mini dessert spoons are excellent surrogate to get your dessert base up and going without having to go to the store, they are made of Plastic and can be used on the stove, oven, and more. Plus, they come with a few benefits - you from withing three feet of water - all of which is unrivalled because we're on our surrogate to be aquatic! These clear Plastic dessert spoons are top-notch alternative to keep your dessert bowls searching pristine! The mini 3, 5 oz parfait cups are clear Plastic without which makes them practical for everyday use or only for dessert. Another top-of-the-heap feature is the adjustable, non-toxicippy setting which makes it uncomplicated to navigate with those required utensils, what more can you want from a gift? These chocolate shooters for chocolat are sterling for any dessert that you want to chocolatey cook! They come with 2 oz of dessert shooters for chocolat and are made of Plastic which makes them uncomplicated to hold and clean. This Plastic dessert spoons set is a first-class substitute to get your favorite flavors together in one place and on your dessert table, the 24 mini spoons are refillable and have differentus-2 j/córuma-based flavors. The spoons are also Plastic and have a very easy-to-grip design, the set comes with an 24 cup box and each of the spoons comes with a different flavor.